Garages are turning into much more than the unsightly, utilitarian place to store cars and lawnmowers. They are becoming the final frontier of the organized home, the new luxury space to be remodeled into a warm and inviting room.
15% of new homes have a garage large enough for 3 cars or more. As a result, garages are highly visible, often accounting for more than 40% of a home’s exterior face. We most often come and go from our house through the garage doors, and when the overhead door is up, people instinctively come through it to knock on our door, making the garage – rather than the front door – the gateway to our home.
This explains why the garage is graduating from the largest, most underutilized “room” in the house to a highly flexible space available for multiple activities. By adding insulation, HVAC, plumbing and task lighting, the garage is a room with endless possibilities. Changes include:
mosby%20garage%2001 Remodel Your Garage
Innovations in overhead door design can bring a pleasing, coordinated look to what makes up a large portion of your home’s front fa├žade.
mosby%20garage%2002 Remodel Your Garage
Using ceiling space for overhead storage is a smart way to gain square footage.
mosby%20garage%2003 Remodel Your Garage
Unused ceiling space can also be turned into a loft area. Endless possibilities for this “bonus room” include a lady’s hobby and craft room, a guy’s hangout room with TV and stereo or an exercise area for the whole family.
mosby%20garage%2004 Remodel Your Garage
The traditional workbench area can expand into an intricately organized system with extensive options for configuration and cabinet finishes.
mosby%20garage%2005 Remodel Your Garage
Along with painting or paneling the walls, flooring changes the look and feel of a garage. Advanced floor coatings and coverings make for easy clean up to avoid tracking dirt into the home.
mosby%20garage%2006 Remodel Your Garage
And let’s not forget that the garage still remains the domain of the car. For those who work on their vehicles, installing lights in the floor is the ultimate luxury.
mosby%20garage%2007 Remodel Your Garage
Another useful item is the motorized lift, making home car repairs and oil changes a breeze.
mosby%20garage%2008 Remodel Your Garage
To house multiple vehicles, increasing the depth of your garage is an option, as well as overhead platforms which use vertical space to gain extra space.
Other ideas for remodeling your garage into a multi-use space include: walk-in storage closet, laundry room, shower, home elevator access, pet room and mud room. Your garage could be the answer to many space and lifestyle needs.
Here is a garage project we did that completely changed the appearance of their home.  Have the Mosby architects and designers help you imagine the possibilities by calling 314.909.1800 or contacting us here.

Caring for Your Overhead Garage Door

01 mosby garage door Caring for Your Overhead Garage Door

An overhead garage door is one of the most-used items on a home, yet we pay very little attention to it until it begins to have problems.
There are several maintenance tasks you can do to keep the garage door operating smoothly. At least once a year, lubricate the rollers and tracks with WD-40, lightly spraying the center of each roller and the inside of the tracks. If you have an automatic garage door opener, regularly change the batteries on the remote and outdoor keypad, and be sure to replace any burnt out bulbs on the garage door opener power head that lights the interior of your garage.
Check the automatic garage door opener for proper sensor operation. Raise and lower the door, and as it’s going down, roll a large ball under the door. The door should automatically rise back up. If not, the sensor needs to be adjust by a professional.
If the overhead door just doesn’t move as smooth and swiftly as it once did, it can be one of two issues: the automatic opener or the springs.  To determine if it’s the electric opener, simply disconnect the opener mechanism from the door. If the door glides smoothly in manual mode, then the problem is with the automatic opener. Consult the owner’s manual or call a qualified company to assist.
If you determine that the automatic opener is good then it’s a problem with the door itself. If you struggle to lift the door, then springs are most likely the culprit.
02 mosby garage door spring Caring for Your Overhead Garage Door
A simple test can reveal what’s wrong with the springs. Place your overhead garage door in the half open position, and ideally, it will stay there. But rather than hold that position, if the door continues on up, the springs may be too tight; if it slams to the ground instead, the springs are too loose, broken or worn out.
Springs can be adjusted or replaced but DO NOT try do this yourself. The springs of a closed garage door have over 100 pounds of kinetic energy waiting to be unleashed. Mess with them and it’s an accident waiting to happen. Only trained overhead door professionals should touch the springs of your garage door.
Be sure to take a look at the condition of the surface of garage door. Metal doors with a factory finish are much like caring for a car – wash it on a regular basis, and keep an eye out for scratches, dings or blemishes that could invite rust.  For wood doors, look for soft spots, blistering or peeling paint which indicate water damage and repair or repaint as needed. Also take a look at your wood door when it is fully open and horizontal with the garage ceiling; if you see it sagging in the middle, it needs to be reinforced or replaced.
Hinges, lock bars, and tracks can all contribute to a sluggish garage door, so it’s a safe and wise move to let professionals assess the situation. If you are experiencing any operational or surface finish problems with your overhead garage door – or are ready for a new one to update the look of your garage – let a Mosby Building Arts Home Consultant asses your garage door and help get it back on track! Call the office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.

Luxury Mediterranean House Plans | Luxury Mediterranean Homes

Luxury Mediterranean House Plans
Luxury Mediterranean House Plans

How can you bring more color to your home? There are many different ways it is just a short list of them.Using mosaic tiles, terra cotta color with bright colored brick or automatic on the floor and space for life. Take the concept even further into the room with mosaics on the walls as molding, around door frames, and a small portion back to your kitchen or bathroom. Start with small bags in a small space, like a small room or foyer, and use a dramatic sweep of lavender or red seal, which can be easily applied with a trowel.

Furniture is another sure way to add drama and color at home. Wood can be simple or complex projects, but when you are low and include different points of marble, metal or tile to create bright Mediterranean look. It could be more true, then the kind you've done in the store.

The types of materials such as terracotta, glass and steel used to decorate the home for speed. These materials are attractive for everyone because we all realize that time tested decorating ideas related to the care and expertise, and to fully respected.

Another idea to paint a wall tapestry. If you use iron fittings made for hanging, it will become more real. Wrought iron grille served as a simple decoration on the walls, or you can use to create or display the input point window, door or mirror. It all adds color and charm. Use a primer paint allowing accent pieces stand out.

Luxury Mediterranean Homes
Luxury Mediterranean Homes

Pottery is an easy way to add color to the space and shape and sense of drama. It may be in its natural state or earthenware can be glazed in beautiful colors, but either way it's much to add. Try giant pots, elaborate vases in the form of the old world and you will create a clear dramatic look for your home. Adding wrought iron racks and candle holders, wooden decorations, table runners, reflecting the color of ceramic and have a romantic setting. Other features that add to the environment is a polished brass urns, fountains, stone or any of the new resins that resemble stone fireplace relief and other details that contribute to this look.

All of this is to create an idyllic view of the Mediterranean sun, full sun and heat. Set as main theme, which produces interest, and will continue to hold a little look at you and your guests at every opportunity.

To plan, maybe it helps to think of a glass of Chianti at a villa in the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine yourself sitting in a garden enclosed concrete walls lined with sunflowers. Take the wooden doors with wrought iron scrolling for hinges and attractive. In the background you can see terra cotta tiles on the roofs of local houses. I expect that soon.

Ayada Maldives Tropical Resort with a Luxury Villa on the Maguhdhuvaa Island

This topic highlights a resort that has a charming natural scenery and very beautiful. The resort is called Ayada Maldives is located on the island Maguhdhuvaa. Enchantment of the nature around the resort is surrounded by views of the blue sea water and white sand beaches are very beautiful. With the design of a natural yet modern resort can provide comfort for guests staying at the resort. The resort has a total of 112 luxury villas, seven restaurants, bars and cafes. Villa accommodation arranged neatly with the feel of a roof made of dried palm leaf arrangement provides a natural tropical feel. Tropical plants also decorate around the resort, making the atmosphere cool in the eyes. Each villa inn has interior and modern facilities, and has a room which is located behind the privacy of each villa lodging that can be used as a special space to relax. In the private room there is a small swimming pool and lounge chairs with views directly jutting into the sea, so that when the time comes the dark can see the sunset from the villa. Well for those of you who want to relax and unwind routines of work, then starting on October 30, 2011 the resort is open to the public so you can make a vacation destination.

Design Your Own Home 3d | Home Design 3d Download

Design Your Own Home 3d
Design Your Own Home 3d

Would not it be great if you really decorate your new home, to paint or not to buy materials, while doing it? With 3D Interior Design, you can try a limited design, experimenting with colors, textures, and without, but you will be asked to be to make a purchase. Finish with the computers, you will be asked to leave the comfort of your home and you will not visit one of the many hardware store to find the perfect design plan.

Home Design 3d Download
Home Design 3d Download
There are several ways in which will determine 3D interior design work and needed re-decorating your home with the features of your application uses. For the simple basic equipment, there are several websites that offer free 3D interior design to the number of predefined templates, materials, textures, colors and designs based offering. Simply select the room template that best fits your situation with the work. Many of the basic requirements are only limited options, windows and doors in various locations. From there you can experiment with furniture space, lighting, wall colors, wallpaper, rugs, lamps and much more.

Room Design 3d
Room Design 3d

Free version of 3D interior design interior design targets newcomers, dealing with various options and components before making a final decision on the project, what they want. Some programs on-line 3D interior design programs require you to subscribe to receive compensation. This allows you to send them pictures of the rooms that you decorate.

Victorian Home Design Plans | Victorian Home Decorating

Victorian Home Design Plans
Victorian Home Design Plans

Now adays, most people are "dumb deoipnida" believes most of the houses you built today may have a minimalist style. As a result, we often found that the house is no different than each other, too. You sense the degree of eccentricity, and if the type of person, you do not like the idea of ​​minimalism can Design of your home, especially for something different you may have to wait. Modern design trends in the use of ideas to do at least the house instead, you can experiment in Victoria. Complicated by the fact that, people tend to avoid houses are so designed. Thus, this unique and your home will be one of one kind can be sure.

Victorian Home Decorating
Victorian Home Decorating

It is a beautiful decorative piece with a stylish piece of furniture emphasizes the use of unique ideas and designs are on display. As the name suggests, this style is typically used at the time of Queen Victoria of England which is inspired by architectural forms. During this period, building homes and buildings because of the furniture and color choices will be an elegant and luxurious. Housing construction in Victoria to remember that the only thing that can cost you a lot of money is that. Nevertheless, the results will not be disappointed. However, if you are on a tight budget, the style of your home decor can take only a few important aspects. Currently, you are relatively cheap price and good quality furniture you can find many heon, Victoria is inspired.

Victorian Room Design
Victorian Room Design

Victorian house with bright colored pictures on the wall is required. These rubies or sapphires, and even animation, etc., try using a darker color. You can also display a flower motif and the background can be used. Small models and select the wallpaper in the home is small, so it does not appear smaller. Opt for wooden floors covered with carpets and flushes. For curtains, velvet or brocade Victorian view will use the same ingredients. Decoration, antiques in your cabinets or counter, statues, candles, flowers, or oriental doll can be placed.

Victorian style and the other on matters not specifically remember. Home design ideas are not just anyone. Always a dream of yours when it comes to home decor home and you need to be artistic and creative.