Spanish Design Luxury Home

This beautiful classical Spanish home design was designed by James Glower. Like most of the Spanish homes, there are coloring white or cream or some other light colors and most of them are asymmetrical in layout to having unusual arched doorways, curved roof tiles, small balconies, courtyard side entrances, and also stucco exterior walls with greenery all around the house. This Mediterranean house built in luxurious and also opulent ambience, gives natural relaxation.

Fabulous Traditional Home Interior Design

Located in private guarded area called Hidden Hills, this fabulous house designed in luxury traditional interior style. For the exterior, have designed with amazing pool, the beautiful ponds, plants, columns, waterfalls and fountains surrounding the pool are give a wonderful scenery so that make relaxing and enjoyable moments.

This house features open beam ceilings, walnut or limestone floors and designer baths, basketball court, 4 car garage, circular motor court, steam shover, french rose gardens in front of the yard, movie theater and gourmet kitchen.

Minimalist Aesthetic Modern House Design in New York

This contemporary interpretation of a classic stone carriage house by artist/owners has created a remarkable open living environment with a mid century minimalist aesthetic modern home design. The expansive open spaces with soaring ceilings and majestic proportions produce a clean, simple loft like feeling within the 5200 sq. ft. environment. Designed with large living space almost in every space, this ...

Waterfront Modern Home Design in Bainbridge Island

Stylish and Trendy Doors Design

Oikos Tekno collection really brings a colorful mood into your home door. Made from mixture of special glass, steel and aluminum with high performance armored doors, these doors bring safe and secure to your home. The design and color is fit for interior and home entry door and support 2010 minimalist design along with your other furniture.

Minimalist door design

a minimalist door design is luck...why ...get lucky, becouse you will have get a good design and minimalist on i want give you an example a minimlist door design.

The world is full of inspiration. Colours, shapes, materials, sounds - they all stimulate us in different ways.

Having your own, personal flair means putting your ideas into practice. Wake up the magic of your creativity for others to appreciate. Open the door to the day and let life walk in.
Enjoy the pleasure of sharing your creations with family and friends. Noise may be part and parcel of our busy lives but, when we want to, we can shut it out. Just close the door to make it disappear.

Italian Interior Design Ideas

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Sorrento Mediterania Master bedroom design

Minimalist master bedroom

Soft green master bedroom decor

Contemporary Master bedroom design

Luxury Masterbedroom lighting

Christina Rocks!

Once in awhile I will deviate from my blog purpose and today is going to be one of those days…

Did any of you catch the American Idol finale last night?  Christina Aguilera sung her new song, “You Lost Me”, off of her new album “Bionic” (due out June 8 ) and it was just incredible.  She is such an incredible singer and artist, not to mention beautiful.

For those of you who’ve been dumped, for those of you who have been hurt, for those of you who have a huge broken heart….


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Have a wonderful day everyone. 

Illinois Estate for Sale


Architectural Digest is featuring a French manor-inspired estate for sale just north of Chicago that has my absolute favorite kitchen of all time in it.  The kitchen was designed by Mick DeGiulio.  It encompasses everything that I dream about in a kitchen. 


High ceilings tower over this mastery of this kitchen.   From the professional range to the marble-topped island and breakfast table, this kitchen is the epiphany of class, French inspiration,  sophistication and airiness.  The open shelving next to the window beautifully displays their pottery, while the pot rack centers the room and reminds us that this is indeed a place where meals come together… not just a place of beauty to be admired.


Looking to the other side of the room, the floor-to-ceiling French doors span the length of the seating area and look out onto a patio that becomes part of this breakfast area.   For chillier mornings, a fireplace can be drawn while you cozy up on the slip-covered sofa with your cup of hot steaming tea.


A closer view of the kitchen shows the glass tile backsplash, the professional range and oven and the beautiful built-in cabinetry in the background.  Notice how they have the light fixtures centered in the middle of the pot rack.



Another view of the kitchen, which was taken from the real estate site.  Notice the island has been changed out to white and the window casings have been painted white.  Which do you like better?  Blue or white?



This is the exterior of the home, which is located in Lake Forest, IL.  Can you say French chateau???


Even the gate is pretty entering the estate.


I am not sure if this is the entrance or not, but it does resemble the kitchen aesthetic, with the marble floors,  beamed ceiling and white walls.


The living room with the coffered ceiling is very formal.  I love the pale blue chairs in the space, giving it some color.


The dining area  and adjacent sitting room looks a bit sparse, but it could be because the house is so expansive.


View from the other room.


I believe this is an office area.  Interesting use of the zebra rug with the more formal desk.

This home is 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms and is 9000 square feet and sits on 2.68 acres.  It was built in 2004.

All this can be yours for the mere price of $7.999 million!  Just pick up the June copy of Architectural Digest to be wowed!




“I used to believe in forever, but forever is too good to be true.”

-Winnie the Pooh


“Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you.”

- Winnie the Pooh


Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh," he whispered.
"Yes, Piglet?"
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw, "I just wanted to be sure of you."”

Minimalistic Wonder Chair Made from Steel And Acrylic

I never thought that a chair could be so simple, but in the same way make me say wow. Designed by BaÃta Design the Ice Chair can create a really interesting illusion, and of course make a room feel more big and clean. Brazilian designers Helena Bueno and Heinz Maller have managed to create quite a minimalistic wonder as the first think you notice about the Ice Chair is its sleek exterior and durable construction. Finally I see this piece of furniture working more in a commercial set up like stores and offices.

Vertical Garden on Building Walls in Osaka

In a world of tight spaces and growing pollution, one has to be creative. Italian architect Gaetano Pesce designed this amazing organic building in Osaka, Japan. The walls of the construction feature interesting extruded pockets with plants, thus creating an impromptu vertical garden. This idea also contributes to the overall original look of the building which made it become one of the city’s landmarks in the past years. The 80 types of plants and trees were selected by asking help from specialized local horticulturists, but the main species is Bamboo. In case you are wondering what this structure houses, know that is is a nine-floor building with 7,052 square meters of interior space. Restaurants and many business offices are headquartered here.-via Inhabitat

Guerrilla Trench Set: Transforming Military Life into a Child’s Play

Guerrilla Trench Set: Transforming Military Life into a Child’s Play
From RS Barcelona, this amazing pillow-trench set comes to revolutionize the look of a children’s room. The Guerrilla collection consists of six connected items which resemble military trenches. At a first glance its true purpose is not revealed. However, when unzipped, small toy drawers are visible and can be easily accessed. This is a major helper for parents who no longer have to clean up after the children play, but teach the kids how to put the toys together in a fun and interactive way. The unusual set can also be used for climbing, playing hide-and-sick and who knows how many other ways of interaction kids can find. When the set is packed up, it looks like a bunch of regular pillows stacked together. Nice.-via decoracion 2.0

Modern Mountain Cottage in Quebec, by Blouin Tardif Architecture

What an amazing refugee for the ones forced to live their lives in crowded urban environments. This beautiful mountain cottage comes from Canadian team Blouin Tardif Architecture and is located in Quebec, Canada. The surrounded forest makes for some picturesque views and the large, floor to ceiling windows fully take advantage of the privileged landscape. The interior design is clean, simple and suited for a mountain chalet with an open attitude towards contemporary arrangements. It may not give away too much warmth at a first glance, but it’s enough to imagine a cozy fire and folks gathered up for the atmosphere to steam up.-via Trendir