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Modern Kitchen Lighting

Find Ideas for kitchen lighting. Lighting a kitchen is not like lighting other rooms in your house. Kitchens demand several types of lighting - such as task lighting and ambient lighting - that you'll want to incorporate equally into your kitchen design.

When you cook it is extremely important that you can see what you're doing, so lighting above the stove and countertops is definitely a must. If you have deep cabinets in dark corners, you might even want to consider installing lights inside them so you can see what's hiding in the back. One important tip is to keep lighting over the table soft - for best results, put on a dimmer switch so you can have as much or as little light as you need in different situations.

Deciding on the lighting for your kitchen means you must consider both the type of fixtures you want and their ideal placement. Lighting variety is limited only by your wants and desires - styles range from contemporary to traditional, in materials that include pewter, nickel, bronze, brass and glass.

Task areas should have sufficient light so you can easily see what you're working on without too much brightness or eye-straining dimness. Ambient lighting should light the rest of the room, to avoid the spotlight effect. This lighting should be just enough to see by, without being so bright you and your family or guests feel uncomfortable. A dimmer switch is great for ambient lighting as well, as it allows you to control the amount of light for each situation.

There are also a number of options to consider in terms of fixtures. Pendant lights are a decorative way to flood your counter in soft pools of light, while track lighting gives you the flexibility to send light exactly where you need it.

You might have found the perfect light fixture, but don't forget the bulb! To make the most of your lighting, try using bulbs with different beam spreads for different effects. Flood lights are great for creating widespread lighting, while spotlights are ideal for shedding light on specific areas.

Unique Bathroom Accessories

Choosing Accessories for your Bathroom: Classy and elegant fixtures and bath accessories can turn your bathroom into a personal retreat while adding a creative and fun touch to your bathroom and may increase your comfort level in the bath too. It is necessary that the bathroom always remains neat and clean and is germ-free. Master bathrooms in modern homes built on larger scale are a popular tend these days and they may be as large and luxurious as the bedrooms in the house so you should pay special attention to the basic bathroom accessories that define the look of the bathroom such as bathroom mirrors, towel holders, shower curtains, holders to keep tissue, shampoo and holders, toothbrushes and paste; soap dishes and lotion dispensers.

While pondering on how to choose bathroom and bathtub accessory, make sure that you do not buy too much or less and that you may keep as many bathroom accessories in luxurious bathrooms as you want, as long as you have enough space for them and bathroom does not look too cluttered or crowded. Do not overdo your bathroom accessories or you may have to compromise on the organized look of your bathroom. Bathroom accessories make bathroom environment more appealing and can be bought based on a theme that goes with your bathroom design and style theme. Right accessories can give a unique, creative and different look to your bath space. A simple bathtub accessory such as a rack that fits on one end of the bath can make the soap and bathing lotions easily accessible to you while bathing and is a good idea.

Replace bathroom furniture set that sits unutilized in the bathroom with functional bath accessories that help you to relax and add warmth and coziness to your bath. Fresh towels kept neatly on a nearby towel rack ready to use after the shower or hanging on a towel holder in the bathroom wall cabinet are just priceless. Bathroom accessories also include aroma extracts and essential oils that soothe you with their fragrances as you massage them onto your body can occupy a place on your bathroom counters. You can recreate the spat at home or add romance to the day and pamper yourself by having a bubble bath in the tub strewn with dried or fresh flower petals or colored soap beads that serve as bathtub accents.

Color coordinate bathroom accessories and towels and you may even use a family of colors such as blended reds, oranges or pinks, with green highlights and summer bathrooms bedecked with youthful yellows. You can find soap dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and tissue boxes along with other bathroom accessories that can be grouped together as a theme. Find the matching ones and use them to make your bathroom look more attractive. You can change the look of your bathroom every moth or change of season by just changing the bathroom accessory sets and coordinate the colors of bath curtains, towels, hand towels and items around the washbasin items such as candles and magazine racks to go with them.

Magazine racks are for people who love to read while soaking in the bath. Make sure that accessories you are using are easy to clean and maintain and can resist moisture and dampness. A shower massager can help you ease the tension and relax before going to bed and a fog free shower mirror will help you to shave better. Expensive designer baths are creatively planned and indulgent and can use crystal bowl washbasins. A stylish, contemporary but small bathroom can use top cabinets; space saving radiators that can be used as towel rails too and may be a built-in seat for a luxurious touch or comfort place for the elderly. A light, simple bathroom carpet in a neutral shade suits contemporary bath decor much more than a heavy and plush rug. Other types of bathroom accessory ideas include pillar taps, bath panels, floor coverings, bathroom cabinets, shelving, window treatments such as blinds and curtains, towel rails, bins and mirrors.

Beautiful Bedroom Photos Ideas

The bedroom at your home that should be calm and relaxing. These rooms should be a refuge away from the stresses of your everyday life. Here are some ways to make that happen.

Your bedroom color should be decorated in neutral calming colors. Neutral colors will help you feel relaxed and calm in the evening you should always use neutral colors instead of bright colors in your bedroom. In the morning the colors will be easy on your eyes so you start the day relaxed.

The bedding and pillows should be soft and make you comfortable. You can try different types of fabrics.
Your bed should feel welcoming, so it is important to have a comfortable mattress.

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

The living room represents the owner's personality. Furniture and decor in this room determine whether guests will be welcomed in a formal or a casual manner. Chairs with straight backs, made of solid materials, will create a stiff feeling, while chairs with a simple, but functional, design will make guests feel at home and encourage friendly gatherings.

""The living room does not need to be spacious, because guests do not always drop by in large numbers. Nowadays, most families, especially young families, tend to have a small living room but with furniture that reflect their characters, and are simple and dynamic,"" said Lisa Miranti, an interior designer.

Character, she said, is seen in contemporary-style furniture that denote simplicity, functionality and color. ""A kidney-shaped coffee table with tiny legs or a trendy sofa inspired by bean bags can be the centerpiece of the living room. They bring something different to the room and their addition is a fashionable way to prove the owner's flair for style.

Bean bags were designed by an Italian designer in the late 1960s. The bean bags are made of polystyrene and are filled with small plastic beads, so that when a person sits in it, the bean bag molds itself around the sitter's contours.

Contemporary sofas are made of soft fabrics and are quite solid, but still make comfortable seats.

To save space and allow for flexibility in arranging the furniture, many like to place small side-tables at corners between chairs and so link them in an arc. Lisa said backless sofas are a new trend and function like a bench or chair, but provides more space.

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Contemporary Sofa Interior Design Photos

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Sofa is an inalienable part of the interior of every flat or office. And if you have to decide which sofa to buy, you should take it seriously. At first, you should decide for what function you will use it. It can be used instead of the bed or it can be a place for rest and watching TV. Another important issue is the quality of sofa. The opinion that only Italian furniture is good is wrong. The basis for quality estimation is following parts of the construction – sofa frame, upholstery and stuff. Producers use different materials, and the final sofa price of course depends on it.

The main sofa stuff is foam-rubber and spring cartridge. The sofa should be soft and elastic, with different thickness of the surface, so that you’ll feel comfortable on it. Before the purchase, you should know that the stuff in the seat, back and arms should have different firmness. The firmest stuff should, of course, be in the seat. The cheapest stuff variant is the pieces of foam-rubber. But you won’t save money on such sofa, because in few years it will roll over and you’ll have to buy a new one. At least there should be a whole piece of foam-rubber. Such sofa will keep its form for about 4 years. Nowadays polyurethane is sometimes used instead of foam-rubber. It will prolong the term of life, because it stays elastic for a longer time. Sofas are also filled with more expensive and elastic stuff - latex.

The best choice will be the sofa with several stuff layers. Lower layer is made of firm polyurethane, to make the sofa elastic; and the upper layer is made of softer and thinner polyurethane. Such combination creates an additional feeling of comfort. All this is covered with synthetic fiber. It is not typical for cheap models. The most popular fiber is synthipon, but the best one is considered to be hollofiber – it perfectly reestablishes its primary form after deformation and is durable. You should know, that the sofa price increases with the use of synthetic fibers.
Spring cartridges are used for orthopedic reasons (the spine burden is minimal). The quantity of spring cartridges on one square meter can considerably differ. It will affect not only the level of comfort, but the total cost. The quality of springs is also very important. It will be difficult to change them in case of the breakage. So sometimes it is better to buy a sofa only with qualitative polyurethane or latex filling stuff without springs.
It is recommended to buy a sofa with an upholstery zipper. This trifle allows not only to see the inside stuff, but also to change the old upholstery.

Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces

Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces

A Room-by-room guide to home interior design

More than a decorating guide, Residential Interior Design teaches the fundamental skills needed to plan interior spaces for all types of homes, in all decorative styles, from remodeling to new construction. Taking a step-by-step approach, this valuable primer reviews all aspects of interior architecture as it relates to human factors and daily use.

Authors and interior designers Maureen Mitton and Courtney Nystuen explore the minimal amount of space necessary in order for rooms to function usefully, from the kitchen to the bathroom, the bedroom to the hallway, and every room in between. Packed with hundreds of drawings and photographs, this valuable tool is brimming with useful information regarding codes, mechanical and electrical systems, the Americans with Disabilities Act, accessibility codes, special considerations for multi-family dwellings, and a variety of additional factors that impact each type of room and its corresponding space.

With a focus on quality of design over quantity of space, Residential Interior Design is the first stop to designing equally efficient and attractive rooms.

Interior Design

Interior Design

By far the most attractive introduction to interior design as it is practiced today, this comprehensive survey focuses on exciting solutions to the real problems of modern environmental circumstances, both residential and commercial. Of the more than 750 photographs and diagrams, over 200-most in color-are new to this lavishly produced third edition and reflect the vision of the most creative professionals working today. John Pile's long-awaited revision of his highly regarded text features:

* six new detailed case studies of projects by such noted contemporary designers as Adam Tihany, Maya Lin, and Moneo Brock Studio.
* exciting coverage of the new "hot" topics in the field, including "green" design, fiber optic and LED lighting, the reconfigurable workplace, boutique hotels, and digital technology.

Every chapter has been updated in organization, content, and visual examples to reflect the newest developments in this exciting field.

Becoming an Interior Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design

Becoming an Interior Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design

If you're embarking upon a career in interior design, here's a highly visual overview of the profession, with in-depth material on educational requirements, design specialties, finding a job, and the many directions a career in interior design can take. Featuring informative interviews with working designers, this Second Edition includes updated educational requirements and a list of accredited interior design programs in the United States and Canada.

"This guide surveys careers in the interior design field, from residential to commercial, including corporate, hospitality, and entertainment specialties. This edition has been revised and updated to incorporate information on sustainable and global design, and design for seniors, with added profiles and examples of projects." (Book News, May 2009)

Universal Design for the Home: Great Looking, Great Living Design for All Ages, Abilities, and Circumstances

Universal Design for the Home: Great Looking, Great Living Design for All Ages, Abilities, and Circumstances

INTERIOR DESIGN "Universal design" as defined by architect Ron Mace, who coined the phrase, is "the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design." Jordan (Making Room: Finding Space in Unexpected Places) shows how a home that is accommodating to all can also have a stylish decor.

Some 15 newly built or renovated homes are featured, for which Jordan explains the inhabitantsa lifestyles and physical challenges. Color photographs and some before-and-after floor plans show how accessibility standards have been incorporated. A list of resources is provided. Since few books address how to make a home barrier-free without creating an institutionalized look, this book is recommended for all public libraries.

Architectural Design Ideas: HGTV Home Design & Remodeling Suite

HGTV Home Design & Remodeling Suite

Are you looking to update a living room, bedroom or other space but aren't really sure where to begin? HGTV Home Design & Remodeling Suite makes the process a cinch. Easily draw out your room. Then choose materials and furnishings just by dragging and dropping.

This new software is perfect for creating a new living space; adding a fireplace; making your home energy efficient with new appliances; replacing countertops, cabinetry and fixtures; and enhancing any room in your house with a brand new look. You can import digital photos of your home's exterior or interior and instantly change paint colors. You can even design your dream home from scratch.

And it's easier than ever--no design experience necessary! Just point and click!

* Room Makeovers
* Interior Design and Remodels
* HGTV How-To Video Library
* Kitchens & Baths
* Landscaping & Tools
* Home Design
* Cost Estimating
HGTV Home Design & Remodeling Suite

Modern Dining Room Design

This modern dinin groom has been transformed into a modern dining area. Looking almost like a waterfall, a glass screen has been installed above a wood buffet to shield the dining table from the kitchen. With glass doors offering spectacular desert vistas right at their elbows and a ceiling that's fantastically raised above their heads, diners won't be distracted by what's happening at the stove.

Tantamount to the architecture and the views, though, are the materials: a stone floor, steel-banded chairs, a modern metal light fixture, a glass-topped table, and granite layering the curved buffet. It's a full serving of interesting textures that makes the room memorable. The palette for finishes and fabrics is kept to colors that are reminiscent of the surroundings, and this helps to produce a serene atmosphere.

And, for more serenity, note the curves: the buffet, the dining chairs, the upholstered seats in the living area, the round tables, and the ceiling dome. Not many sharp edges are here to jar a mood. For a different mood, consider creating a serious, luxurious space set aside specifically for great meals and conversation. In the next section, get ideas for creating a traditional dining room.

Living Room Lighting Photos Idea

In interior design, a focal point is important in every room. It could be a large window or painting or an interesting art piece. In your living room, arrange your furniture around a focal point. Put your biggest piece of furniture first (like the sofa) then continue with the smaller pieces of furniture down to your accent pieces. Your living room is what creates the first impression for visitors to your home. It reflects your personality as much as it creates a welcoming environment. So you need to decide on the theme, and look and feel of the room. Should it be casual and colorful? Or glitzy and glamorous? Should it be traditional or contemporary? What best reflects your personality? Choose your furniture and color scheme according to the theme you want. Select your accessories to add highlights. Combine prints and plains for curtains and upholstery. Add a touch of warmth with rugs and cushions. Use lighting to create the right mood. Then give a finishing touch with potted plants and flower arrangements.

Furniture Wardrobe Design Ideas

Functional furniture on your home interior can make a tremendous difference in small space living. If you have to give up space to any piece of furniture it needs to perform its intended function flawlessly.

The Wardrobe is an efficient elegant piece designed with limited space in mind. The Wardrobe is 23.6 x 26.8 x 68.5 inches. It is not a large piece. It is designed in such a way so that when closed it looks like one solid piece — a standard stylish wardrobe. Its design is modern with a definite Art Deco flare. The Wardrobe is actually two separate pieces — the “door” section and the “back” stationary section. The door section has a telescoping rail to hang clothing, three compartments and a large bin at the bottom. The back section has adjustable shelves that allow you to take advantage of the space beneath short hanging items.

The Wardrobe is an excellent example of very space-efficient design. It’s a great wardrobe that has enough space to contain a sizeable amount of clothing in a stylish package.

Home Theatre Photos Idea

Home Theatre give an great entertainment at home. You can place at your living room.