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Exlusive ROOM bed

Remember Bedroom Inspiration series ? If you read this blog for a while you might remember that I’ve started this series some time ago. Today I want to continue this series with 5 modern bedrooms that I’m sure you’ll love. Now enjoy these 5 modern, simple and beautiful bedrooms. If you want more bedrooms you should also to check the whole bedroom design inspiration series starting with the last post Bedroom Inspiration #5. The pictures for thispost are from spacify. post are from spacify.Modern Bedroom 2008

Double Dresser

Southern Textiles Ambrose Falls Bedding brings together beautiful autumn colors highlighted by a woven paisley comforter with lime greens, golds, blues, and orange spice

Southern Textiles Bridges Bedding is a simple ensemble consisting of woven fabrics in solid saddle tan and black

Southern Textiles Hobie Bedding Red, white, and blue stripes in all cotton give this contemporary ensemble the patriotic feeling of the 4th of July

Chrysanthemum is a large sale all over woven floral in black and gold on a luminescent ground. Different woven fabrics are coordinated to enhance this opulent ensemble and the decorative pillows are accented with Asian inspired details.

Lawrence Silence Bedding Collection

The Veratex Waterlily Collection drawns upon Asian influences to create a clean, modern ensemble. Veratex uses only the highest quality fabrics. In the Waterlily Collection, the sheen of these fabrics is offset by shimmering detail work, the combination of which softly reflects light to create a luminous feeling.

Tradewins Queen Bed – For a Classy yet Relaxing Setting

Tradewins Queen Bed – For a Classy yet Relaxing Setting!

A bedroom can be rightly reckoned as soul of the entire house. Choosing that classy piece of bedroom furniture, especially a bed, can give sleepless nights to many. The perfect bedroom furniture is something that adds elegance to your bedroom, while providing maximum comfort. And what better option than an oak finish queen bed to add that royal touch. If you have spent hours on the Internet trying to find the finest bedroom furniture in vain, then we suggest you check out the Tradewins Queen Bed offered at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Setting up your bedroom is of prime importance, as it is the place in your house that personifies peace and tranquility. So, when choosing a bed for your bedroom, consider a few things. First, select a bed that is spacious and provides enough space to unwind yourself completely. Other things to consider are the durability and comfort factor. With all these in mind, we think that the Tradewins Queen Bed, which can comfortably accommodate two adults, would be the best option. You can happily stretch out your arms and legs or even roll around on the bed if you sleep alone!

Owing to their glossy finish, oak finish queen beds have always been a great option to add charm to bedrooms. Thus, the Tradewins Queen Bed with a classy oak finish will be an elegant addition to your bedroom.

Most bed sets do not necessarily include a headboard and a footboard. But, the Tradewins Queen Bed includes a queen headboard, which is decorative as well. The queen footboard not only complements the elegant design, but also lets you keep your blankets in place. The set also includes rails and slats.

So, do you think the Tradewins Queen Bed will make a comfortable bed set for your bedroom? Then, consider purchasing it from nowhere else other than NFM, if you want to get the best deal ever!

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Minimalist Room Design on Modern Interior

I posted several minimalist room design, a trend of several latest year in best home remodeling design, this style of home decorating and furniture arranging is still the favorite for everyone that want to maximize their usage of rooms.

This simple concept use a newly look of furniture shape with unusual and creative construction, so we can't imagine about the basic rule of minimalist room design.

Minimalist House Green Color Design

The minimalist design Green diorama as when we vineyards in order from the inside. Simple two thin rectangular plates – roof and floor – gently on the vines that are up to the main road. The metal plate is black with a series of walls made of concrete pigment black set perpendicular to it. One end on the slope, the other 11 meters wrong side of the retaining wall. The flat roof floats above identical, separated by the window over the entire height of the front and ends, and on the back two floors green vines by length between the plates. Each plate is 50 m long and wide the rim. Its uniqueness and clarity through the back of the depth – 2 m on the front and rear and 5 meters on the wrong projection – on the outside. The flat roof is supported by steel columns.
modern, minimalist design ideas for home

Remodeling Project of an Edwardian Terrace House

Situated in Hammersmith, London, below is a beautiful remodeling project of an Edwardian terrace house. Finished by Paul McAneary Architects, the house consists of three bedrooms with twofloor levels. The house is aimed to fulfill the client wish because they want a contemporary design and functionality. Besides that, the client also desires to have a garden as a continuation of the indoor area. The house is finished in concept that make the whole design is a 30-degree twist, offering physical and perceptive overlapping between the out and indoor. This concept let enough natural light to fill in the room during the day. The kitchen-living area is expanded to the externallandscape, giving perfect composition of connection between outdoor and indoor area. Complemented with frameless glass skylight and open façade, the area is flooded by enough sunlight. The house is adorned with a small garden area at the backyard, which is near to the kitchen area. The floating external deck is an ideal spot for enjoying the warm of the sun or evening tea with family. Here is a few from the architect “The angle facilitates the overlap between the garden and kitchen thresholds – so whilst at the sink you feel the garden is actually behind you. This conceptual idea is manifest in the details of the faceted zinc facade and the floating external deck, being cut back to a fine angled edge.”

source: homedug

Modern Roof Garden Design

Not everyone is blessed with large outdoor area, but there is always a way to create a garden to your home. Roof garden is one of useful technique that allows you to have a small outdoor space for enjoying the breeze and blue sky. The idea came from Simon Morray-Jones Architects, Clair Strong Interior Styling and UK-based BlueSky Landscape. Below garden is situated on two-storey urban apartment that present as an extension of the living area. This contemporary garden is decorated with low-maintenance plants and cozy outdoor furniture. This is a smart garden design for a busy people that will not have enough time to take care of the plants. The roof garden is also completed with a food prep space and dining areas, providing a small heaven in hectic city life. 

source : homedug

Modern Kids Room Design Inspirations

Designing a perfect teen’s bedroom can be confusing. When the kid grows up we need to consider their opinions and styles. We could involve them to create a comfortable and suit with their age and needs. We’ve featured lots of attractive kid’s room design that can be used for teens as well. Before start picking up the furniture design or maybe arrange the layout, you need to choose the background color first. You can choose orange or red for creating fresh interior or paint the wall with blue, green and white for calm room design. After the painting is done you can move to the next step, which is selecting furniture design. To get suitable furniture, you may want to measure the room first and choose the furniture that will perfectly fit the room’s size. Choose necessary furniture only to avoid filling your kid’s room with unimportant items. You can fill the room with bed (it can be single, double or bunk bed), wardrobe, study desk, chair and bookshelves. Those are enough for making a comfortable kid’s room. When you already get the right furniture, you can start thinking about the layout. Choose a layout that provide an enough empty space and will not make the bedroom looks crowded. When those steps are done, you can add simple ornaments such as wall sticker, mural or others to make the bedroom look more alive. Below you can see 15 stylish and organized kids bedroom from Spanish designer Sergi that can enrich your ideas. 

source : homedug

Modern Wall Storage

Add minimalist touch to your hallway or front foyer with these cool wall shelves collections by Matthias Ries. Dubbed the Piegato, this shelf consists of one laser-cut and powder-coated sheet of steel with perforation that could fold the shelf to suit your needs. This cool wall shelf has two attractive versions; the first model is completed with chalkboard to allow you write a schedule or note, while the other is completed with a mirror. These shelves are also space saving solutions, which can be opened or folded to display things or store your books, novels, or others. The shelf is available in two colors, black and white. 

source : homedug

Awesome Italian Restaurant

Finished by Architect David Guerra, this beautiful restaurant is located in the ground floor of a residential building at Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The Italian Restaurant Vila Giannina distinguished by the refinement of an a la Carte restaurant in the menu and decoration. This contemporary restaurant can fit for up to 300 seats and offers a self service style. The building is finished with Italy style that can be seen from the plaid and materials like straw, antique wood, bamboo, the reed, and the hidráulico tile. The restaurant is built above a total 1100 square meters construction area. The restaurant looks very amazing from the seating arrangement, the furniture selection and even the rest room looks so inviting. Here is few from the architect “The functionality and the simple language created by the straight lines reflect the contemporary. The strong colors, the double height room, the exposed structure, the lighting, the rustic materials and the sculpture shelves create a ludic atmosphere.” Enjoy the Images! [Photos by: Jomar Bragança] 

source : homedug