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Italian furniture modern furniture_33_g

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Color decorating ideas

Color decorating ideas Color decorating ideas : When you are theme decorating the girls area, you should know that a good fence affect is the best foundation you can have. From that one blush lonely, you can boon choosing decorations that would fit. Nevertheless since you are most ready to found this while the kid is still a child then your object must be open through palettes of pastels right now. There's no question with that, however, your kid would most probable outgrow the light and you could end re-painting the full scope which can detriment quite a bit. Nevertheless if you are fine with that, then here are some great girls bedroom decorating dreams based on certain kinds of ensign and at the same time following the girls span theme.
The most public influence for a lass's scope is pink so we'll open with that. Pink can come in assorted hues from the light, crayon ones to the darker ones such as fuchsia and hot pink. Play with hues. You can onset from a trivial pallid pink paint and add niceties in darker hues. Such as children's sheet or a rug in hot pink. Of course, you would must to surplus this out with a the ashen furnishing just so the span won't end looking monotonous. Pink is definitely fit for a princess so if you are decorating a span around that theme, the tips above would work very well for you. The ordinary girls extent shade would be light unhappy. When one thinks of light navy, the sky and the sea immediately comes to heed thus making it a great shade for an underwater themed area. Now, just like in the pink area, you should also elect an immoral tint for the bulwark and then desire lighter or darker hues for the decoration. If you take a finicky shady down for the hedge, you should diverge that with very light dyed furnishings Color decorating ideas.

A light dejected bed paste, bed and closet would do perfectly. Of course, ashen should also be bestow and it could be as a rug, the shade of the extent's moldings as well as in the furnishings. Perhaps you are wondering why you should garland according to hue and not just mix and tally flag, well, you can mix and equal flag but sometimes that tends to look chaotic. While decorating with a sole shade of varying hues would give the span an uniformed but still comfortable ambiance. Plus, you won't have a hard time annoying to reach everything together. Color decorating can also be great help if you can't think of a pleasant theme for your girls room. The tint itself could become the theme which is not only easier when compared to have something like a French theme or a Princess theme. As I've said earlier, from one track color you can get plentiful ideas for decoration. Just play around with the different hues to give the room intensity. Never go for a separate hue when decorating a room because liability so would authority it even looking and too monotonous Color decorating ideas.

Unique decorating ideas

Unique decorating ideas Unique decorating ideas : There is a lovely new elegance of decorating, called lodge elegance decorating which is actually not new at all. Many people have rediscovered how lovely the look of painless old fashioned cottages are and the type has come back into tailor. If you like a simple and simple decorating fashion, this is for you. Especially for small homes, or homes with children, chalet approach decorating is ultimate. A little nick or letdown that active teenager might make will not have a big effect on the decorating variety. Families and busy people darling chalet smartness decorating because it is so forgiving. The "used" look of the furniture makes it painless to just sit and relax without worrying about the furniture, as you might with a more strict mode. Children can play, adults can relax and put up their feet, all with no worries.

In days deceased by, a bungalow was the servants' quarters, or perhaps a single building to house occasional guests. The cottage may have been furnished with a large assortment of styles, scraps from the chief house that were the sinful flare or showed signs of hold and tear. Therefore, a few scratches are not only accepted, but accept in this look. The manner could indeed be called eclectic, because different decorating styles and eras may be represented, even in one span. This relaxed eclectic look has now been formalized in its own tailor called cottage panache decorating Unique decorating ideas Since you can mix and equal as you please, antiques and odds and trimmings furniture fit wholly and you can put almost any design into a home decked like this. An antique furniture parted, that was perhaps not as well cared for as it should have been, makes a whole addition to the cottage approach home.
Since something goes in this tailor of decorating, you can actually store a lot of money because you don't have to look for top worth in achieve state. As a theme of verity, some new furniture has been scratched and spoiled to be made to look old and beat up! Nevertheless you can get great bargains at flea markets and estate sales and the substance will still look in method long after a new exclusive decorating trend has left out of comfort. Another loss saving benefit of this type is the fabrics also do not have to tally. You can buy remnants and odd pieces instead of paying rounded cost for a bolt of fabric. And since the look of cottage sort is already a bit busy because of different styles and patterns, you don't want to have too many accent pieces placed around the space, so you bank money on these items as well Unique decorating ideas.

Living rooms Decorating ideas

Living rooms Decorating ideas Decorating ideas living rooms : There are the behavior to adorn your living scope. As this is typically the hole where a family entertains guests and spends time together, much thought usually goes into the devise. Sometimes, however, inspiration is hard to come by. Here are a the living scope decorating thoughts to help get your creative juices flowing. Determine your invent shape. Look through home decorating magazines and see what you like. You may have thought that you were a country gal, but find manually haggard to the unsoiled position of a current plan. Even if you like both styles, you can mix them to found an intend that is your own. You can decide country matter that had a more novel edge, and modern mean pieces with country aptitude. This way you can achieve a look that you love without settling on one method.

One living area Decorating ideas living rooms idea that is definite to zing up your space is to wish a bold enclose blush. Many people shy away from saturated insignia, but these are the very hues that can make a dramatic avowal about your personality. If you do not want to paint all the stockade in your living extent a bold shade, you can paint an accent enclose. These ramparts are great to make an impression without overwhelming the extent. You can then use accessories to tie the affect into the remainder of the span. Updating your opening treatments will also go a long way towards improving the atmosphere. Choose hangings or curtains that complement the design panache you have elected for the leftovers of your span. Using full looking fabrics on the windows will add a mood of luxury to your span, and help to earn all your living area decorating thoughts together.
Another key quantity in living extent decorating dreams is lighting. Make really your lighting is adequate, but not overpowering. Don’t use florescent lights as they are very harsh, and a living scope is all about mood. Use an efficient overhead game to give universal light, and a few lamps around the extent for duty lighting. Another lighting side that is often overlooked is the use of candles. Not only are they decorative, but they impart mood lighting as well. You can get candles and holders in all different colors and sizes to help achieving your living space decorating dreams. On thing not to neglect is putting art on your stockade. The helps to carry the room together and adds a private finger. You can want painted canvases that can look great all on their own, or a framed carry in shades that complement your influence design. Another great edge art idea photographs. These can be family films or perhaps a black and sallow landscape or city sky line. The key here is not to exceed it. Keep it unfussy and uncrowded. If your bulwark are too eventful, it will detract from the general atmosphere you are running to found Decorating ideas living rooms.

Decoration Ideas

Decoration Ideas Decorate idea : One of the most important decorating questions you might have run into is the interior point smartness for the quarters kids. There is no challenge on how hard you saw people difficult new decorations in quarters for kids. They forever appear to have the doors and windows stopped when links comes over. Decorating quarters for children or teens is typically fun, but when it comes to decorate kids' quarters, all the joy flies out of the display. So many people have tried to adorn their children's quarters in fun and imaginative habits, only to find their thoughts fall distant because children have such strapping dreams about how they want their own rooms decked. Their thoughts and the parents' ideas may not necessarily be compatible.
You can find conduct to keep everyone contented, and still not squander a fortune on decorating. A good idea is to have a few ideas that you like, and that coordinate the outcome's extent with the remainder of the house, and then let the baby collect out of those options. In this way, the toddler still feels he has a say in how his span is decorated, and you will have an extent that you like and that goes with the lean of the house. One of the most important considerations in decorating Decorate idea a kid's area is that it must be an area that is as unadorned as viable and relaxed to keep virtuous. This means the accessories should be reserved to a tiniest so that there is excluding to dust and vacuum. You should also try to keep the furniture at a least, since there will be excluding area for litter to gather.

Many parents like to adorn they're kids' rooms with a cute theme. This is possibly not a good idea except money is no oppose, since kids grow fast and tastes change. If you don't demur expenses a lot on a new theme every the existence, that's O.K., but most people can't or don't want to exhaust that kind of money. Better to have a neutral extent so where you don't have to hurl the old objects away constantly. Just look around at garage sales some day. You will see entire rooms of so-called "themes" departing for ten cents on the dough. Nevertheless garage sales are a great way to recognize your kid's area. Many well constructed substance of furniture or accessories are presented as kids grow, and you can take them and remake them into your own with a little paint and adding some other items. Let your toddler help pick the accessories and help with the painting; when a newborn is complex in this manage, he will have more of the brains of ownership and will keep the space cleaner Decorate idea.

Cakes decorating ideas

Cakes decorating ideas Cakes decorating ideas : Special instance will forever call for singular cakes. Most celebrations are incomplete without a cake specially adorned to fit the chance. While there are bakeries for the objective, an organ of the family will clearly feel honored to make the cake specifically for that purpose. Fresh dreams may be needed in the decoration if you are assigned to make cakes. Here are several cake decorating dreams Characters: There are many known characters that can be used in cake decorating. Cakes can be made singular by sketch characters like Blues Clues or Dora the Explorer. Cutting up the cake to make it as the intact makeup is another choice.
Themes Sport theme, underwater adventure, 50's or recent themes of 20's are some of the themes that you can use. Think about the recipient of the cake and the guests' feedback for the theme that you are considering. A masquerade accessory will gauzily go with the theme that you forecast. Motor Cakes: Most boys will forever be fascinated with motors like cars, trucks, fire engines, tractors, boats, airplanes or helicopters. The expertise that you have in cake decorating will help you make racing strip, firemen on the run, or a 3 dimensional tractor plowing in the farmhouse. Animals You can cut the cake to have a vision of animal as your theme. It could each be one animal or a location in a zoo featuring many kinds of mammals or birds. Food The preparation of the cake will also depend on the time that you are open to have. If it is about break of Italian restaurant, you can have a field where you can see a shop or a vision portraying a cook at work. Again you can cut the cake to signify foods like hot dog, taco or burgers. When it comes to food theme, the cake decorating dreams are infinite Cakes decorating ideas.

Holiday Themes Holidays are special and it will be a great time to show off your creativity. Bunnies will be good in Easter, hearts during Valentine's Day, or cloverleaf on the spread of St. Patrick. Your Own Creation A lot of tradition in cake decorating will give you elegance of your own designs. You can easily make any kinds of styles of cakes on any celebrations. The cake that you conceive will always be crux of attention during any celebration The satisfaction that you will get from the praises will be worth any of the power you put in. Spending time practicing will pay abounding dividends as your Cakes decorating ideas skills are convinced to recover. Ask friends and experts or hunt the web for ideas in cake decorating and use them to groom your creative skills.

Tradewins Queen Bed – For a Classy yet Relaxing Setting

Tradewins Queen Bed – For a Classy yet Relaxing Setting!

A bedroom can be rightly reckoned as soul of the entire house. Choosing that classy piece of bedroom furniture, especially a bed, can give sleepless nights to many. The perfect bedroom furniture is something that adds elegance to your bedroom, while providing maximum comfort. And what better option than an oak finish queen bed to add that royal touch. If you have spent hours on the Internet trying to find the finest bedroom furniture in vain, then we suggest you check out the Tradewins Queen Bed offered at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Setting up your bedroom is of prime importance, as it is the place in your house that personifies peace and tranquility. So, when choosing a bed for your bedroom, consider a few things. First, select a bed that is spacious and provides enough space to unwind yourself completely. Other things to consider are the durability and comfort factor. With all these in mind, we think that the Tradewins Queen Bed, which can comfortably accommodate two adults, would be the best option. You can happily stretch out your arms and legs or even roll around on the bed if you sleep alone!

Owing to their glossy finish, oak finish queen beds have always been a great option to add charm to bedrooms. Thus, the Tradewins Queen Bed with a classy oak finish will be an elegant addition to your bedroom.

Most bed sets do not necessarily include a headboard and a footboard. But, the Tradewins Queen Bed includes a queen headboard, which is decorative as well. The queen footboard not only complements the elegant design, but also lets you keep your blankets in place. The set also includes rails and slats.

So, do you think the Tradewins Queen Bed will make a comfortable bed set for your bedroom? Then, consider purchasing it from nowhere else other than NFM, if you want to get the best deal ever!

Amazing home decorating ideas

Amazing home decorating ideas, home decorating ideas Amazing home decorating ideas that have wonderful pictures geared for modern design themes. I have not been real sure how to put them into an article until today. My idea is to share the images so that you can get ideas about furniture, accessories, colors, and decorative touches that may work in your living room, dining room, home office, or bedroom. For me, visuals offer many new ideas as well as affirmation of my own decorating beliefs.

Amazing home decorating ideas, home decorating ideas That is why it is so great following other blogs to see what my peers are writing about. These pictures come from Cappellini Furniture whose catalog impressed me so much by the wonderful room pictures and backdrops for their products. I hope that you enjoy these home decorating ideas as much as I do and find a new product that may be what your home décor is missing.

Double Dresser

Southern Textiles Ambrose Falls Bedding brings together beautiful autumn colors highlighted by a woven paisley comforter with lime greens, golds, blues, and orange spice

Southern Textiles Bridges Bedding is a simple ensemble consisting of woven fabrics in solid saddle tan and black

Southern Textiles Hobie Bedding Red, white, and blue stripes in all cotton give this contemporary ensemble the patriotic feeling of the 4th of July

Chrysanthemum is a large sale all over woven floral in black and gold on a luminescent ground. Different woven fabrics are coordinated to enhance this opulent ensemble and the decorative pillows are accented with Asian inspired details.

Lawrence Silence Bedding Collection

The Veratex Waterlily Collection drawns upon Asian influences to create a clean, modern ensemble. Veratex uses only the highest quality fabrics. In the Waterlily Collection, the sheen of these fabrics is offset by shimmering detail work, the combination of which softly reflects light to create a luminous feeling.

Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas Designs

Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas Designs Does the way your headboard faces make a difference? Can the position of your toilet cause financial ruin? It does according to the principles of Feng shui, and it is not the same for everyone. So whether you are an East person or a West person, let’s look at what directions will maximize your potential…and which ones to steer clear of!

Each direction corresponds to various attributes. Direction indicates which way you should, or shouldn’t face (or position your head when you sleep). North stimulates personal growth, imagination, music, art, and inspiration. South promotes opportunity, ambition, fame and potential. East corresponds to health, harmony, family, transformation and new life. West aligns itself with socializing, entertainment, children, and originality. And in between the main four are more divisions and symbols. Northeast stands for insight, wisdom, spiritual and intellectual growth. Northwest signifies skills, outside interests, and supporters. Southeast epitomizes affluence, abundance, and material possessions. And Southwest embodies love, relationships, marriage and romance.

Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas Designs Does this mean that if you want to find true love in your life that you automatically move your headboard to the Southwest? No! First you need to determine your Kua. Kua is a number based on your sex and your birth date, and is the controlling factor over which directions are positive for you. To determine your Kua number we use the Chinese lunar calendar. (For those born before the 10th of February you must go back a year i.e. if you were born on the 4th February, 1964 you would compute your Kua number using the year 1963.

First add the last two digits of the year you were born. For example, if your date of birth is 15 June 1962 (6+2=8)

*Note: If you add the two digits from the year of your birth and they are ten or greater, add those two digits together before proceeding any further.

If you are male take the single digit and subtract it from 10. So now we would take (10-8=2) and your Kua number is 2.

If you are female take the single digit and add 5. (8+5=13). Reduce that down to one digit (1+3=4). The Kua number is 4.

Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas Designs Now that you know your Kua, what does it all mean? Well as I said, directions do not bring the same success and prosperity to everyone. It all depends on your Kua. So let’s take a look at the different Kuas and determine which directions are ideal for you! And let me point out that if you have an entrance door to your home or office that faces your unluckiest directions…consider moving it. After all, destiny is powerful stuff!

Now if your Kua number is 1: You are an East person. For money and energy, southeast is your wealth direction and for overall luck, east is the way to go! If you want to find your soul mate for life, then south is the direction to put your head, but if your career is your life’s focus, then keep facing north! You want to avoid west for minor accidents, and northeast will bring people working against you into your life. Kitchens and toilets need to be placed in the northwest to escape financial ruin and southwest will bring you nothing but hardship!

Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas Designs If your Kua number is 2 then you are a West person. Northeast is the direction to tap into for prosperity, west will bring you luck, and northwest will bring you a long life. Now if you want to expand your personal development, southwest is your enhancement direction. If you are accident prone, then look out for the east, and keep those back stabbers at bay by avoiding the southeast. But to keep destruction and treachery out of your life, you need to either steer clear of both south and north, or put toilets here – to flush the negative energies away!

For those whose Kua number is 3, you will get your luck from the north and financial help from the south. You are East people and this direction will support your personal enrichment. Southeast is your direction for longevity. For those little bumps in the road, evade the southwest and don’t face the northwest if you want to keep those unlucky influences out of your life. For the worst influences of financial ruin and suffering, northeast and west are best avoided!

Definitely avoid facing west or northeast if your Kua number is 4. And to avoid those little inconveniences don’t sleep with your head pointing either northwest or southwest. You are an East person and to bring yourself luck as well as financial success, north and south are your key directions. For a long life east is the answer and if you’re a workaholic, face your desk toward the southeast.

If 5 is your Kua number, then you need to be aware that there are some variations in positive forces, based on whether you are male or female. In either case you are a West person, but that is where the similarity ends. For males the positive directions, in descending order of strength are northeast, west, northwest, and southwest. For females it would be southwest, northwest, west, and northeast. On the flip side, if you are male, east and southeast will be troublesome, while north and south should be circumvented in any way possible. For females, you will find irritation with north and south, and utter devastation with east and southeast.

Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas Designs If you are a West person with a Kua number of 6, then west and northeast are your answers to greatness and southwest and northwest will complement a long, full life nicely. You will find, however, that facing southeast or east will bring you irritation, while north and south will bring a never-ending cycle of misery.

If you are a West person with a Kua number of 7, northwest will help you bear the fruits of your labor, while southwest will shine some luck your way. To bring more love into your life, consider position your headboard to the northeast, and to enrich yourself, west is your answer. To avoid minor mishaps and bad luck, north and south are the ones to steer clear of. To keep financial ruin and ultimate betrayal out of your destiny- then it’s either toilets in, or avoidance of, the southeast and the east.

The Kua number 8 symbolizes again a West person. Riches are yours if you face yourself toward the southwest. Your second most powerful direction is northwest, followed by the west, and finally the northeast. Failure and destruction will befall you if you can’t avoid the east or southeast, while north and south will cause frustration.

Last, but not least, are those of you whose Kua number is 9. You East people find power and strength from the east and southeast, supplemented by the north and south. The northeast and west will bring trouble, while financial ruin will be brought by the southwest direction. For you northwest is not called the “death” direction for nothing, avoid it if at all possible!

Directions are potent forces according the principles of Feng Shui. They can bring wealth and influence, or devastation and failure. They can transport true love to your door, or the ultimate betrayal. We have looked at the directions and how they can complement different aspects of your life and maximize your potentials. With all this in mind, isn’t it time for a little rearranging? You just might reap some pretty amazing benefits!

New Idea Luxury Bedding

Southern Textiles Ambrose Falls Bedding brings together beautiful autumn colors highlighted by a woven paisley comforter with lime greens, golds, blues, and orange spice

Southern Textiles Bridges Bedding is a simple ensemble consisting of woven fabrics in solid saddle tan and black

Southern Textiles Hobie Bedding Red, white, and blue stripes in all cotton give this contemporary ensemble the patriotic feeling of the 4th of July

Chrysanthemum is a large sale all over woven floral in black and gold on a luminescent ground. Different woven fabrics are coordinated to enhance this opulent ensemble and the decorative pillows are accented with Asian inspired details.

Lawrence Silence Bedding Collection

The Veratex Waterlily Collection drawns upon Asian influences to create a clean, modern ensemble. Veratex uses only the highest quality fabrics. In the Waterlily Collection, the sheen of these fabrics is offset by shimmering detail work, the combination of which softly reflects light to create a luminous feeling.

Country Dressers

La Salle Triple Dresser- Cafe Noir Finish

Celebrate Northern European Country styling with bold, architectural silhouettes and multiple colors in Alexandria Collection. Gentle curves, warm tones, and grand scale offer a new look to classic European design.

Bring a bright, classic style to your child's bedroom with the Sand Castle Double Dresser and Mirror in Pure White. This chic double dresser has a functional unisex design that grows with the child and blends right into any decor.

The Oak River Collection imbues your bedroom with a classic country look. A warm Oak finish and delicate traditional drawer pulls add grace to this collection. The complete look is one of country homes of the past. The Oak River Dresser and Mirror make a perfect pair in any bedroom. The dresser has nine drawers, and the mirror features a simple, elegant arch at the top.

Home Decoration Ideas with Dollar Store

Home Decoration Ideas with Dollar Store Decorating does not have to be expensive. You can make simple and even modest surroundings more beautiful by accessorizing your home. You can accessorize your home inexpensively with items from one of the many dollar stores that have popped up all over the country. If done correctly, no one will ever guess that your beautiful and classy decorating items were purchased at dollar stores.

Home Decoration Ideas with Dollar Store Here are a few of the many items you can find:

• Purchase hand towels for your kitchen and powder room at the dollar store. If they do not have towels that match your décor, check back every couple of weeks. Eventually they will a selection that you will like.

• candles of every shape and size are available at dollar stores. You can dress up plain candles with raffia or other embellishments, or by pressing a design into a pillar candle. Alternatively, if you have expensive candles that still look beautiful from the outside, but the wick is burned down, you can insert cheap votive candles to bring your original candle back to life. You will also find beautiful candle holders from time to time.

Home Decoration Ideas with Dollar Store • Wall hangings are readily available at the dollar store. For the bathroom and kitchen, it makes sense to purchase pictures there because you will not feel bad about throwing them away and buying new pictures if they are damaged by moisture.

• Wallpaper border and wallpaper cutouts are also available at the dollar store. Check the dollar store before you visit an expensive wallpaper store. The designs may be limited, but with a little imagination, your rooms will be beautiful.

Home Decoration Ideas with Dollar Store • Towel racks and hooks are available at the dollar store, as well as many other items to help you organize your home. An organized home is a well designed home, so be sure to check for organizational items on a regular basis. You will find under-the-bed shoe organizers as well as closet door organizers. Drawer shelf liners and contact paper found at the dollar store will also help you beautify your home.

• The dollar store has many decorative items for display as well. You can use these decorative items such as angel figurines to fill out an existing collection. By interspersing cheap items among expensive item, you will find that all of the items look expensive. Other inexpensive accessories for display are teacups and saucers, painted plates to hand on the wall, as well as items you can embellish yourself.

Home Decoration Ideas with Dollar Store • Use the dollar store for all of your seasonal décor. They sell many items for every holiday for Halloween, to Christmas and Easter, to the fourth of July. If you shop early in the season, you will never have a reason to pay over a dollar for any item.

• You can also find items for the exterior of your home at the dollar store. From welcome mats to wreaths and garden décor, you can make the entry of your home as beautiful as the interior.

There is one caveat of shopping at the dollar store of which you must be aware. Occasionally there will be items selling for a dollar that you can buy somewhere else for less. Be aware of the regular prices of the items you buy.

Owen Jones and Medieval Stained Glass Design

Illustration: Stained Glass from Owen Jones The Grammar of Ornament, 1856

In Britain stained glass design and production saw a massive rise in both popularity and function in the nineteenth century. It was used extensively in both the domestic and ecclesiastical markets and although artistically it can be said that the twentieth century may well have seen the apex of stained glass design work as far as creativity is concerned, it is still the nineteenth century that saw the craft appealing almost universally, probably for the first time since the medieval period.

Although Owen Jones does cover stained glass decorative work in his 1856 The Grammar of Ornament, it is very much tucked away within the larger Medieval Ornament chapter. However, there are twenty nine examples on two large colour plates covering the time period between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries.

As with many examples of ornament around the world and in a number of different time periods that Jones included within his seminal book, he was convinced that on average and with some exceptions, the earlier the period of decoration the more symptomatic it was to an ideal that later became subverted or diluted, ending in an eventual ghost impression of the original ideal. Although this to a certain extent is a simplification of Jones theories regarding the history of decoration, it is also to some extent again, an over simplification on Jones part of the history of the decorative arts. There are always a number of factors that go into the development of styles and eras of decoration. Trying to seek the early purest form of a decorative style and isolating that style from all other influences and cultural cross-pollinations is difficult at the best of times and often impossible.

Illustration: Stained Glass from Owen Jones The Grammar of Ornament, 1856

This theory of early is best, was used by Jones for his all too brief description of medieval stained glass decoration. He closely associated the pattern and ornamental elements of early stained glass design with that of medieval illuminated manuscripts. In some respects this makes a great deal of sense as stained glass, along with painted wall decoration was often the only physical example of the ideals of a religion that was available to the general public. The Bible itself during this period was considered off limits to all but the chosen few and therefore interpretation was limited to the visual.

Jones believed that the more accomplished stained glass designers and craftsmen became, the more pretentious they eventually became, adding superfluous affectations and gimmicks within the work. Eventually this was to lead to the craft trying to imitate the world around it, rather than being content to interpret that world symbolically. As far as Jones was concerned, along with many of his contemporary nineteenth century critics, the attempt was always doomed to failure with the craft tradition and decorative arts always being the ones to suffer most.

Although perhaps Jones critical stand was more of an ideological one than that of one that considered the elements of practical application, there is still much to be said for the theory. There is little doubt that many craft disciplines, particularly those such as stained glass that were heavily defined by their own practicalities, have suffered by the imposition of decorative fashions and styling.  There are particular eras whereby designers either failed to understand the physical limitations of stained glass, or refused point blank to curtail their enthusiasm for decorative schemes in order to accommodate stained glass limits.

This attitude has inevitably led to stained glass work that can only be seen to be classed as such under the very loosest of definitions. It was perhaps no bad thing for Victorian stained glass designers to be gently attracted towards the earlier forms of the craft by such critics as Jones.

Reference links:
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The Grammar of Ornament. Folio Edition
Grammar of Ornament: A Monumental Work of Art
Victorian Stained Glass Pattern Book (Dover Pictorial Archives Series)
Stained Glass and the Victorian Gothic Revival (Studies in Design)
Medieval and Renaissance Stained Glass in the Victoria and Albert Museum
English and French Medieval Stained Glass in the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (Corpus Vitrearum)

Interior Pictures

interior pictures

Interior design by integrating several warnasehingga create a cool and beautiful impression in the eye

Wallpaper Design by Otto Eckmann

Illustration: Otto Eckmann. Wallpaper design, c1899

Otto Eckmann can be counted as one of the most interesting and diverse designers of his period. When he took up a second career in design at the end of 1894, he put a symbolic end to his first career as a fine art painter by auctioning off his entire collection of work, so as to start anew and fresh as a decorative artist.

Eckmann was involved in the design work of textiles and in particular embroidery and tugs, ceramics, metal, furniture, wallpaper and graphics. It is with wallpaper design that we are concerned with in this particular article. All of the wallpapers featured here were produced by Eckmann in around 1899. They are a stunning display of an individual's approach to wallpaper design and shows that Eckmann was neither overly influenced nor cowed or intimidated by the long history and traditions of the wallpaper industry, particularly by an individual who was approaching commercial design from a fine art background.

Illustration: Otto Eckmann. Wallpaper design, c1899

It could be said that it was actually Eckmann's artistic experience that gave him a particular edge over some of his rivals. It was the individual approach to both styling and composition that made his work appealing for both its novelty and its decorative potential. It was this external attitude that often produced work by artists and designers that stood out when they approached another and relatively unfamiliar discipline, achieving results of unexpected and unusual directions. However, this was not always the case and there were some spectacularly dire results of cross-discipline experiments. These failed ventures have proved to be of a serial nature and have dogged the decorative arts world down to our own contemporary era, mostly in the form of celebrity design launches.

Illustration: Otto Eckmann. Wallpaper design, c1899

Eckmann himself was not of this ilk and the wallpaper design work that he produced from the 1890s until his death in 1902 at the incredibly early age of thirty seven, show a clear definition of his approach to the decorative arts. It has been said by many that the artist turned designer was heavily influenced by the Japanese artistic and decorative format, and while this is true to a certain extent, it can only ever be classed as one thread of the creative work of Eckmann, not the only one.

It is the graphic work produced during the last years of his life that tended to influence the rest of his work through the various disciplines. This is an interesting development as many of the decorative arts had come to rely on the defined graphic quality of flat design. This came to be particularly true at the end of the nineteenth century when considering the textile and wallpaper disciplines for example. A number of illustrators and graphic artists became involved in wallpaper design at the turn of the century and there was a relatively busy and productive cross-pollination of ideas and theories that was to include the whole world of poster art, text, book illustration and wallpaper design.

Illustration: Otto Eckmann. Margueriten wallpaper design, c1899

It was this fruitful period that coincided with the general European Art Nouveau movement, known more specifically in Germany as the Jugendstil of which Eckmann became one of the leading lights. It was with the help of the individual styling of Eckmann's work along with that of others in Germany, that the Jugendstil made its own unique contribution to that of Art Nouveau, often countering to a certain extent, the inbuilt and often overly conscious flamboyance of the French and Belgian versions of the movement.

As with so many scenarios of the early death of a talented individual, it would have been interesting to have known how Eckmann had he lived past 1902, would have affected and influenced not only the dynamics of German decorative arts under the Jugendstil, but much further a field towards that of German Modernism. How his own personal career would have faired during the first and most important half of the twentieth century, we will never know.

Illustration: Otto Eckmann. Self Portrait

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